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Fraternity and Sorority Life: Did you know?

Middle Tennessee State

Fraternity and Sorority Life at MTSU is a great way for your student to get involved on campus! Let me tell you about some of the things we are most proud of:

  • Sorority women boasted a 3.09 All Sorority Grade Point Average which is .08 above the All Women’s Grade Point Average at MTSU and the fraternity men earned a 2.86 All Fraternity Grade Point Average which is .01 above the All Men’s Grade Point Average. FSL members are consistently above the All Student GPA!
  • Fraternity and Sorority members hold many of the top leadership positions on campus including SGA President, SOA Student Coordinator, SGA Senators, and Blue Elite Tour Guides. Additionally, members hold positions in many of the 250+ student organizations on campus.
  • During this past year, fraternity and sorority members participated in over 40,000 community service hours and donated over $111,000 to charities in Rutherford County and across the state and country to help those in need.

If you are interested in learning more about Fraternity and Sorority Life at MTSU, check out

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