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Finals are almost here! Encourage your student to study actively for finals: write things down, explain things out loud, work through practice problems, and study with others where they ask each other questions. It is very important that they get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, and exercise throughout the finals period.

The date students will be able to view their grades is dependent on if they fill out their online evaluations of classes, so encourage your student to provide feedback on their course evaluations (or they can opt out and still have access to their grades early as long as they indicate that).

If a student doesn’t pass a class, they have the ability to repeat a course. Starting January 2, 2019 at 9 a.m. students who are registering to repeat a course for the first time will be able to register or waitlist for the course. Undergraduate students repeating a course for the second time (or third, etc.) may submit this petition(PDF); however, the enrollment in the class will not be processed until the first day of class or after. They may also be eligible for grade forgiveness, where the grade will be replaced with the higher grade when they retake the course.

Follow Student Success on social media and tag your student to make sure they see important notices and deadlines: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: @SJSUsuccess  


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