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Fall fun with Sports and Recreation

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By Hailey Doss

KSU Sports and Recreation offers fall intramurals, a way for students to get out and leisurely recreate with other students. Teams are made up of beginners new to the sport as well as experienced players, ensuring a healthy amount of competition and more importantly team camaraderie. Registration schedules and more information about intramurals can be found here.

Is your student looking for a different way to stay fit during the college hustle and bustle? No matter what their interests, the OwlFit program has it covered with their series of mind and body, specialty, strength and cardio exercise classes. Group fitness offers 17 different types of classes, ranging from Power Yoga, SuperHuman 360, Bootcamp, Yoga and Aqua Zumba to indoor cycling. Owlfit also offers personal training packages that provide a partner to give ongoing motivation, encouragement and support.

To view OwlFit Training Packages click here. To view the complete schedule of Group Fitness classes click here.

If indoor fitness is starting to give your student cabin fever, we have a solution for this as well! Outdoor Adventures offers an array of exciting trips at subsidized rates making getting outside easier than ever. Caving, outdoor climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, backpacking, horseback riding and hang gliding are all trips available to students this fall. Trips include transportation, outdoor gear and most meals. Encourage your student to browse the Nature Bound schedule and sign up today!

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