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By Amanda Long, Associate Director of Outreach and Engagement

The first year of college can be an exciting time for both students and their parents, but few students choose to focus on exploring career options from the get-go. Whether your student has already declared a major or is still weighing options, it’s important for all students to understand what types of careers are available to them and to prepare accordingly.

The Department of Career Planning and Development (CPD) has many resources to assist students through these early phases of career exploration. With 23 full-time staff members, students can meet one-on-one with professional advisors to discuss career options and research prospective careers in their areas of interest. For students who are unsure of what major to pursue, CPD also provides assessments and surveys to help students find career options that align with their interests, values, and strengths. Declaring a major within the first two years is very important, but finding the right major to lead to your ideal career is even more important!

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For students who have already selected an academic major, it’s important to begin building a professional resume early. Completing an internship or co-op not only allows students to add work experience to their resume, but it also allows students to test-drive a future career. Co-ops and internships are not restricted to upper-classmen; many students can begin applying for internships and co-ops as early as their freshman year. Some students may even have the option to receive academic credit for these experiences as early as their sophomore year!

In addition to connecting students with internships and co-ops in their field, Career Planning and Development helps to bridge the gap between students and their future employers in many other ways. Annually, CPD brings over 1,000 employers to campus for information tables, on-campus interviews, information sessions, and eight career fairs throughout the year. Even freshmen are encouraged to attend career fairs, and this is a great chance to learn directly from employers what makes a successful candidate for their available opportunities.

Career Planning and Development is here to support all students in their future endeavors, whether they are seeking part-time or full-time employment, co-ops or internships, or even graduate school programs. Encourage your student to visit with us early and often.

We look forward to assisting your students with all of their career-related needs!


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