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Course registration for both winter and spring is now open. There are a number of things you can encourage your student to do to make sure their registration goes smoothly. Registration times vary for each student based on their class standing (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). They should know their registration time and be prepared to register right at that time. Here is how they can find the time in their MySJSU account.


These tips will help them get prepared to register at their appointed time and get the courses they need.

  • They need to check their MySJSU account for holds (things that will prevent them from registering). These holds may be for advising, financial aid, the bursar’s office, or for not completing mandatory requirements like training for sexual assault protection and alcohol education. They need to complete what needs to be done in order to remove the hold. If they don’t know what to do, they should reach out to the appropriate office, or can email [email protected].  
  • Encourage them to run MyPlanner. This tool automatically maps out all of the courses they need to take for their degree, and the semester they should take them. The tool adjusts the suggested schedule for the number of units the student wants to take, what they have already completed, and required prerequisites. Some major requirements have options (several different courses satisfy a requirement). Your student should click on “Select Course” to choose a specific course for each option. This is not binding, they can always switch it.
  • They can load their planned spring semester from MyPlanner into MyScheduler, along with other time commitments like work or family obligations. MyScheduler will then generate all the different schedule options that will work for them. Once they have selected the schedule they like, the MyScheduler tool will put those courses into their MySJSU shopping cart to be ready for registration. At their exact registration time, they need to go in to MySJSU and submit the shopping cart.
  • The Advising Hub has videos and other resources to help students understand what courses to take. If they have questions, they should see an advisor in their department or college success center. They can view the contact information for advisors, or email any questions to [email protected].
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