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Coping with stress and depression

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By Quaneecia Rainey

The colder months and especially the holidays can be tough for students who experience stress and anxiety or who simply do not enjoy the winter. Whether they were unable to achieve the grades they wanted, went through a break-up, or did not make new friends this semester, the chance of experiencing depression during the winter break increases.

Plan Ahead

If you know that every December your student gets really down, then suggest plans a month or two before those feelings set in. Some plans can include looking up concerts or festivals to attend with a friend, going on an affordable mini trip, and so on. Basically suggest that they create a Winter Bucket List of activities they wanted to do all semester, but never had the time to.


Suggest that they call or Facetime/Skype that family member or friend they haven’t heard from in a while. Winter can create a constant feeling of loneliness, and having someone to talk to might make a great difference. A like or comment on social media is not the same as a phone call, a hug, and real life company.


We all know exercise helps with basically everything. But the idea here is to find the type of activity that you actually enjoy and would do throughout the winter. Ask if you can join your student during their workout. If they are inactive, invite them to an activity you like and think they would like too. Getting into the habit of doing physical activity is tough — it can really help to get a little push and motivation from others.

Go Out

It’s cold outside, but that’s not an excuse to stay indoors all winter. If you notice your student has not left the house in a couple of days, it’s a good idea to suggest going out for lunch — ask for a table by a window to get some sun. Try making the most out of sunny days by layering up and going outside for a brisk walk!

Talk to Someone

Let your student know they are not alone and start a conversation about mental health. Depression, stress, and feelings of loneliness are experienced by a lot of people and it is nothing to be ashamed of.

If you suspect your student might be experiencing stress or depression, please call the Counseling and Psychological Services or visit us online at Encourage them to make an appointment or just drop in.

Kennesaw Campus

CPS is located in Kennesaw Hall room 2401
Phone: 470-578-6600

Marietta Campus

CPS is located in the Student Center room A170
Phone: 678-915-7391

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