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Conversations for Winter Break

University of Cincinnati Parent and Family Programs

Over the winter break, your student may discuss some of the highs and lows of the fall semester. The transition between fall and spring semester is a great time to evaluate what went well and where adjustments are needed. Even if fall semester was successful, a few tweaks and new habits can make students thrive even more in college.

We encourage you to ask questions that allow your student to reflect on their fall semester and start brainstorming solutions they want to implement. Remember, you and your student are always welcome to reach out to our office and we can help to connect you with the appropriate resources to support your student.

Here are some conversation topics and tips to get you started.

  • What class are you most excited about next semester?
  • What was your favorite class this semester? What class surprised you the most?
  • Have you met your academic advisor?
  • What time management and study strategies have you found work best? What adjustments will you make to your strategy next semester?
  • What do you like to do to de-stress?
  • What kinds of non-academic activities (getting involved in a student organization, working out at the Campus Recreation Center, attending an athletic event, etc.) do you enjoy?
  • Who are some of the friends, roommates, and classmates you have met at UC?
  • What are your plans for housing next year?
  • If your student is working: How do you like your job and how are you managing your time?
  • If your student wants to start working: What types of jobs interest you? How will you go about applying for positions?
  • Have you volunteered or completed any service hours?

University of Cincinnati Parent and Family Programs

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