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At The University of Alabama, students pledge to follow the Capstone Creed during convocation at the start of their academic career. The Capstone Creed is an integral part of a student’s experience here on campus as it establishes the groundwork for the core values students strive to achieve and uphold during their time spent at the Capstone. Because the Creed is so important in creating a welcoming and friendly home at UA, the University is hosting #BamaCreed Week on March 27 to April 2. Throughout this week, the Creed is celebrated through various events around campus to help inform and unite students while getting them involved in activities that allow them to fulfill one or more of the Creed’s core values.

The original Creed was adopted by UA students in 2000 and since then has been adapted to reflect the changing atmosphere of the continuously growing student body. The most recent adaptation, developed in spring 2016, added core values that are of utmost importance in maintaining a positive and inviting environment for everyone who is part of the UA community.

As the Creed states, students should “strive for excellence in all they do.” This means that the values instilled in students by the Capstone Creed while they are on campus should stay with them in their everyday lives and guide their actions not only as students but also as graduates from the Capstone. The University is hosting #BamaCreed Week this semester to remind students of the core values they should seek to sustain and promote. Students should attend the #BamaCreed Week Kickoff at the Ferguson Center Plaza on March 27 from 11 a.m.–2 p.m. to find out more about the events taking place throughout the week.



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