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By Krysta Fry

Has your student told you that they have a specific Career and Internship Advisor assigned to them based on their major? Have they told you that this person is at their disposal to meet with them one on one about career advice, resume questions, and any and all things career/job focus? If they haven’t had a chance to elaborate on this between classes and social commitments, let me clue you in on this fantastic service that they should be taking advantage of as soon as possible!

Career and Internship Advisors, staff members of the Department of Career Planning and Development, work personally with each of the specific colleges at KSU. This allows your student to receive advice from a professional that is in tune with current employment trends that specifically relate to the field that your student is looking to enter after graduation. These advisors are also equipped to assist your student in identifying possible career paths and exploring the variety of career options that will be available to them post graduation. Below, I’d like to open your eyes to three things students can achieve by meeting with their Career and Internship Advisor:

1. Explore various career opportunities

Advisors have a variety of tricks up their sleeves in order to assist your student in identifying what their career interests are or setting them on the right path if they’ve already identified their career interests. Sometimes, it takes a simple conversation about the student’s goals, likes, and dislikes; other times, advisors may suggest that they take the O*Net Interest Profiler (, which assesses the student’s interests and matches them with correlated careers. Once an advisor helps the student establish their interests and goals, he or she can share very helpful resources that walk a student through the necessary steps to take in order to pursue their dreams!

The All-Majors Job and Internship Fair is coming up on October 17 from 12–4 p.m. in the Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center.


2. Craft an award-winning (read: job-getting) resume and cover letter

Resume and cover letter standards have continued to evolve over the years, but our advisors stay up-to-date on what employers are currently looking for in these documents from candidates. Not only will your student be able to have their resume and cover letter approved through the Department of Career Planning and Development prior to applying for a position on Handshake (, our online career management system, but they can meet with their advisor as many times as it takes for them to feel 100% confident in the resume or cover letter they’ve created. Sure, they could use a template from the web or use a resume writing service ($$$), but there is no guarantee that these services are trustworthy or successful. However, your student’s Career and Internship Advisor always has their best interest and success in mind and will assist the student in creating documents that will present them well.

3. Land a job, internship, or career opportunity

As I mentioned before, the Career and Internship Advisors are in tune with your student’s career field. However, they’re also in tune with how your student can gain experience on campus. The Department of Career Planning and Development hosts at least one event per week to promote career-success. This includes the All-Majors Job and Internship Fair coming up on October 17 from 12–4 p.m. in the Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center. Your student’s advisor can help them feel well-prepared and ready to talk to the 100+ employers that will be hiring at this event.

The advisors are also very well connected with the academic departments and can assist your student in learning about how to get academic credit that will go towards their degree by participating in an internship. Even if your student is in their first year or is just in need of a part-time job on or off-campus, the advisors can assist with that, too! Searching for jobs and internships can be daunting, but advisors are able to show your students a wealth of resources to make the process less cumbersome.

The Career and Internship Advisors from the Department of Career Planning and Development thrive off seeing students succeed, and we know you do as well. Please tell your student that they can make an appointment with their specific Career and Internship Advisor by calling 470-578-6555 or logging onto their Handshake account to schedule an appointment. We look forward to seeing your student succeed here at KSU and beyond!

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