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Applications for the A-Team are available now!

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Is your student looking for a leadership opportunity? Are they interested in activities that involve adventure, leadership, service, and all things BAMA? The A-Team is likely perfect for them!

The A-Team is a group of 34 upperclassman student leaders who play a primary role in Camp 1831, where they support incoming students and help them feel connected to The University of Alabama. During Camp 1831, these leaders offer their personal insight, advice, and tips for having a fun and successful college experience. The A-Team understands what it means to be a member of the Capstone and shares the meaning with Camp 1831 participants. To prepare for their leadership experience, the A-Team spends the spring semester attending training workshops to sharpen their knowledge of UA history & traditions, campus resources, student life, and Tuscaloosa life.

Camp 1831 is a 3-day program centered around 4 main themes: adventure, leadership, service, and history & tradition. First-year students will spend 3 days and 2 nights on campus developing friendships, learning about UA culture, and having fun! Students leave confident about their upcoming journey at the Capstone. This year, Camp 1831 will take place on August 9–11 and August 14–16. We will also conclude the experience with a service project allowing first-year students to give back at the end of their Camp 1831 journey!

Applications to be a part of the 2017 A-Team are due on February 15 at midnight. Encourage your student to apply today! For more information on the A-Team and how upperclassmen can get involved, please visit

If you know an incoming student interested in attending Camp 1831, registration for the 2017 sessions is available at!



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