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A Few Thoughts on Stress During the Spring Semester

The University of Alabama Parent & Family Programs

As the spring semester comes to an end stress levels naturally increase for students. Particularly after a week of relaxation and escape from the daily routine of college life, the return to routine seems to bring an increased sense of urgency for many. Spring is also a time of year when many students are faced with decisions that they see as determining the rest of their college career or their career after college. Many of your students are waiting to hear about making it into the upper division of their colleges, internships, graduate school, and graduation. For some, it is also a time when they will face returning home for the first extended visit after a year of living on their own.

It’s a great idea to have a conversation with your student about how things are going this semester and get a feel for how their stress level may impact their performance the remainder of the term. Ask if they are getting enough sleep or if they are finding the amount of tasks on their to-do list to be overwhelming. Sometimes just talking through what is on their plate can help them develop a strategy to get it all done.

Asking for help in managing stress and emotions oftentimes comes with a laundry list of stereotypes and assumptions in the minds of students. Talk with your student about the importance of asking for help when they need it, as well as the services available to them through the Counseling Center.

The Counseling Center is a safe place to discuss these fears and stressors that your students may be facing. The staff provides an opportunity for your students to express their feelings without judgment. They can also serve as a referral source for other areas on campus, such as the Career Center and the various academic departments. For more information about the resources available at the Counseling Center, please visit or call 205-348-3863.



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