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Name:The College of Westchester
Address:325 Central Ave
White PlainsNY, 10606-1200
Phone Number:(914) 948-4442
Type:Occupational, Academic
Awards:1 year certificate, Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree
Campus Setting:City
Campus Housing:No
Student Population:1125
Faculty Ratio:17 to 1

RSS Grown and Flown

  • Parents Are Getting Overly Involved In Their Kids’ Careers And It’s Helping No One
    I’ve always known I’m a bit of an overprotective mom and it’s not solely from my kids reminding me of this on a daily basis. I know I do things a lot of other parents may not do because it makes me feel better—like texting them a few times when they are at a sleepover. […]
  • Teens are Holed Up in Their Rooms for Hours Because They Need Solitude, According to Science
    Of all the cranky behaviors, awkward situations, ridiculous arguments, and other adolescent concerns I was told to expect from my teenagers, having them glumly retreat to their rooms alone for extended periods of time was the most bothersome for me. Like many other teen “issues” that parents immediately take personally, I too thought that there […]
  • I Used to Say “I Love You” To My Teens But Now I Say This
    Come home safe. That’s what I find myself saying a lot these days. Come home safe. It’s my motto — on repeat ever since I’ve been adjusting to our family’s new normal. This awkward new chapter in our life called Surviving the Terrifying Moments When Your Teenager Drives Away Until They Return — and ways […]
  • Here’s the One Thing That Makes Me Feel Unhappy as a Mom
    I said goodbye to my youngest son as he flew 1500 miles away to return to law school. Our other sons had already gone back to their own lives and homes. They were happy good-byes – we had a great time together. Our family has an exciting year ahead of us, including a family wedding, […]


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