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Welcome Horned Frog Parents and Family


Dear Horned Frog Parents and Family Members,

We welcome you to Horned Frog Family Week! Clearly, it is not the same as an on-campus/in-person Family Weekend, but this week is going to be fabulous for all TCU students and their families. What an exciting, if unusual, time to be the family of a college student. You have no idea how excited we are your students are here in person and/or online!

There are many programs that make TCU special. Many of these programs will exist as they are described, others will be modified this year to accommodate the safety requirements under which we all live. In either case, these programs and more are making a major impact on students – your students.

I also want to invite you to join the TCU Parents Association! Visit us online at and check out our many parent and family involvement opportunities. If you are a new family and for some reason did not participate in TCU Parent Orientation, there is still a great deal of information for you to learn. TCU Parent Orientation can be found at

If you are on Facebook, you may go to the TCU Parent & Family Programs Facebook page and like it! We post all information specifically for parents and families on that page. You may also want to request to join the TCU Parents Association Facebook page. That space is for parents to ask other parents for helpful tips and tricks, such as how can I get a birthday cake delivered? Where does your student get their car fixed? Please answer the three questions at the beginning. Our parent administrators are very strict! This group is for TCU parents ONLY!

One final point — if your student EVER says, “There is nothing to do here! I’m bored!,” send them to two websites that you can visit as well: and You and your student will be stunned at what there is to do at TCU, even in this unique year!

We will be in touch with you throughout the year! Please be in touch with me if there is any way I can be helpful to you!

Go Frogs! I care!

Kay Higgins, Ph.D
Associate Dean, Student Development
Director, Parent & Family Programs

Student Development Services
BLUU 2003
Fort Worth, TX 76129
817.257.7855 office
817.917.8538 cell

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