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Celebrating Cultures and Building Connections


The mission of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services (IIS) at TCU is to promote diversity, inclusiveness, and cultural awareness throughout the TCU community.

The department provides support, guidance, and encouragement to TCU students, faculty, and staff through a variety of services, including cultural programming, mentoring, diversity training, and academic and community involvement. Social responsibility, compassion, value for diversity, and communication are learning outcomes that Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services strives to incorporate into its experiential learning opportunities and programs provided to the TCU community.

One of the many ways IIS fulfills this mission is through events such as the Unity Celebration. The Unity Celebration creates a student-centered inclusive space that highlights the achievements of TCU’s graduating multicultural students by honoring diversity and celebrating cultural traditions. This is an opportunity for students to celebrate their culture, accomplishments, and achievements with family and friends.

“One of our student workers asked to give a speech on the day of the event. Though hesitant, we allowed her to speak her truth, which needless to say, brought the audience to tears. A valuable lesson was reinforced that day. What we do matters, the support we provide students transforms, our students are always listening and watching us, and we do make a difference in students’ lives,” explained Timeka Gordon, Director of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services and the Community Scholars Program.

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