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Prepare Your College Student for Financial Independence

Get the Guide:
Prepare Your College Student for Financial Independence

Smart Saving & Spending Habits Start Now

Learning to manage money is one of the biggest challenges outside the classroom for students adjusting to college life. And although your student is more independent than ever, they’re still looking to you for advice in many important areas — especially financial responsibility.

56% of young adults* say their parents are their primary resource for financial education while growing up. And 43% continue to see them as the most important source of financial guidance after they’re on their own.

As your college student’s main source of economic education, it’s important to talk to your student about the ins-and-outs of financial responsibility. But where to start?

From adopting a smart savings strategy to understanding how to build credit, your college student is at the perfect age to develop smart money habits. You can help them take steps now that will carry them into a stable financial future.

In this guide, we give you the tools and talking points you need to help your student:
  • Learn to manage spending money and stick to a budget
  • Develop smart saving habits
  • Control the overall cost of their education and avoid debt
  • Build credit and use a credit card for the first time
  • Discover our partnership with Deserve, a credit card made for college students

From saving to spending, building credit to using a credit card, we’ve got you covered on everything a college parent needs to know about teaching their student financial responsibility. You might even pick up a few tips yourself!