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Winter break fun

By CollegiateParent

shutterstock_100358012Isn’t it great to have them home? It’s true that there are days when they sleep till noon so our schedules don’t exactly line up, and often they blow us off in order to hang out with their friends. But the winter holidays are a great time to reconnect with our college students and it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. Let go for a while of the things you feel like you should do or talk about and just have fun!

1: Go sledding on the sledding hill they loved as kids and warm up with hot chocolate or cider afterwards.
2: Teach them a favorite family holiday recipe.
3: Take a nighttime driving or walking tour of neighborhood holiday lights.
4: Decorate cupcakes or cookies.
5: Play silly games — Apples to Apples, Pit and Super Fight are family favorites.
shutterstock_3271704446: Hit the post-holiday sales and then relax with a movie at home.
7: Get them to teach you the latest dance moves. (More entertaining for them than you!)
8: Hear some live music — at a coffee shop or concert hall.
9: Learn to do something new together — how about knitting?
10: Make a photobook or scrapbook with highlights from the past year.


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