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Understanding the Transition

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Coming to college is an exciting and overwhelming time and the experience is different for every student.

It presents a world of opportunities in a new place full of different faces, each with their own brilliant ideas. College represents freedom, eagerness, anticipation and, at times, nervousness. Largely, it is a shift from the familiarities of home to a new and different experience of college life.

The transition will bring about many questions and challenges. But it will also bring many more memories and new routines. Your student will form new relationships and develop disciplines and skills you never knew existed deep within them! Their increased level of independence may initially be overwhelming — and that’s ok! — but it will expose them to new behaviors and create new values. They may also have their fair share of making questionable choices, but this too will assist in the development of individual responsibility and respect.

You, as parents and family members, have done a phenomenal job. Your student has made it to college! Even though you will not be here to guide them each step of the way, there will now be countless faculty and staff to whom they can go for guidance. We look forward to supporting your student in their pursuit of Eagle Excellence.

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