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Using Facebook effectively


Facebook can be an incredible tool for communication. However, it can be difficult to find time for this important channel especially in busy seasons of the college year. Here are some of our suggestions. What advice or questions do you have about Facebook use?

Post regularly

There's no need to post multiple times a day, but it is a good idea to post on a regular basis. Try for 3 times a week to start. To help you post regularly, use a mix of quick announcements, photos of campus events with a short description, and great information from around campus or around the web. CollegiateParent sends a weekly email to partners with a timely article and easy-share links. If you're not receiving the emails and would like to, contact us!

Schedule posts ahead for busy times

We all know that there will be weeks (or months) where orientation events or family weekend or other important ventures take up every waking moment, let alone the time you are at work. Get social media off of your plate by planning ahead for this time. Simply start to make a post like normal, but instead of clicking to "share now", use the dropdown menu to choose "schedule". This will allow you to set posts up ahead of time.

Invite conversation

Posting an article with tips for move-in day? Invite parents to share what they are nervous about or excited for in this time of transition. When parents engage with your post and with one another, it helps your posts get more traction and gives your parents a sense of connection.

What do you think? Comment below.

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