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20 Unusual Tech Gifts They Won't Expect


Are you shopping for people who love technology but already have the latest things? It can be hard.

We're here to take some of the weight off your shoulders. These unusual tech gifts are sure to wow even the most in-the-know person on your gift list this season!

1. Electronic Key Finder

If no one in your household can ever seem to find their keys, this affordable electronic key finder could be the solution!

2. Polaroid Bluetooth Photo Printer

This printer allows you to print Polaroid-sized photos from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Print as many "Polaroids" are your heart desires without having to carry a camera with you all the time!

3. 6-Device Fast-Charging Station

Keep your surfaces and outlets clear of cords with this compact charging station that comes with dividers to fit all your devices!

4. Solar-Powered Wireless-Charging Bank

Have an outdoorsy type on your list? Keep them safe during their adventures. They'll never have to worry if they're carrying this waterproof solar-powered portable charger with attached compass and flashlight!

5. CD-Slot Magnetic Phone Mount

Ditch the bulk, save their dashboard, and keep their car vents clear with this magnetic mount for phones!

6. RBG Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Do you have an online gamer in the house but don't know what to get them? This keyboard and mouse combo is a great, no-fuss option — and you don't have to know anything about which games they're currently playing.


7. Fitbit Versa 3

If you're shopping for a fitness-lover this holiday season, this Fitbit will make them jump for joy.

8. Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Do you love someone who's always complaining that their hands are frozen? Help them out with this electronic hand warmer and protect the environment, too.

9. Apple Watch Sport Bands

These comfortable interchangeable bands come in so many different colors that you can't go wrong when giving them to someone!

10. Clip-On Camera Lens Kit for Phone

This kit, complete with a tripod, will let your student bring a high-quality camera with them on the go!

11. Plug-In Heated Seat Cushion with Added Lumbar Support

The worst thing about winter is having to sit in a cold car while waiting for it to heat up. This seat warmer is a game-changer for those cold mornings, with three different heat settings and a plug that fits in a car adapter. Plus, who doesn't need good back support when driving?

12. Smartphone Sanitizer

Our phones are with us wherever we go and they pick up a lot of germs along the way. Keep a loved one's phone germ-free with this smartphone sanitizer.

13. 4-Port USB Hub

So many of our devices utilize USB plug-ins which can make our homes feel like obstacle courses constructed out of wires. With this USB hub you can keep your outlets clear and your floors cord-free! This gift will be especially useful if your loved one has a newer MacBook computer that requires expensive adapters — they can use this instead of having to buy multiple USB adapters.

14. Nintendo Switch Accessory Kit

Portable gaming consoles are great for playing on-the-go, but that option also opens the device up to a lot of wear and tear. Give your loved one everything they could possibly need to protect and use their Nintendo Switch with this kit.

15. Clearon 3D Glass Essential Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are a fun, affordable, flameless alternative to candles. This color-changing sky effect diffuser would be an amazing and functional addition to your student's dorm room or off-campus abode.

16. Touch-Sensitive Hexagon Lights

These hexagon lights are a great addition to any room. Their modular design allows you to rearrange them as many times as you please. Plus they can be synced to an app that lets you change the colors and sync them to music!

17. Air Purifier

It's impossible (and time-consuming) to remove all the dust and pet allergens from your home manually. This air purifier pulls smoke, dust, pet allergens, bacteria and more from the air for fresh air all the time.

18. Drink Warmer and Cooler

If you know someone who is never without a beverage when studying or working, this drink warmer and cooler will be a life-saver. No more gulping — their drink stays the temp they want!

19. Interactive Electronic Posture Trainer

Bad posture is an issue for all of us now more than ever thanks to our electronic devices. This posture trainer helps correct hunching by attaching to your back. The app connected to it gives the user an actual visual of what their posture looks like in real-time along with various training programs and posture tracking.

If adhesives aren't your thing, there's also a necklace attachment that is both sustainable and affordable!

20. Mini Humidifier

Humidifiers can help with headaches, dry skin, nosebleeds, improving breathing and so much more, making them a winter necessity. However, they can be pretty bulky. This mini humidifier is a great option for cars, bedrooms or even a plant shelf to keep your houseplants happy and healthy!

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