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18 Gifts for the Dads Who "Don't Need Anything"

Morgan Keegan

Dads can be some of the most difficult people to shop for. They tend to "never know" what they want or when asked reply with, "I don't need anything."

If you're struggling with gift ideas for a dad, or just want some unusual out-of-the-box ideas, check these out!

1. Cold Beer Coats

Ordinary drink cozies are everywhere. Upgrade your drink's style and keep them colder with this insulated coat! The armholes can clip onto a carabiner and attach to anything.

2. Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit

Why buy mushrooms at the grocery store when you can easily grow your own? This Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit is a unique grow kit that Dad will never expect!

3. Mars Dust Globe

Is your dad fascinated by space? Get him something he'll never stop talking about with this Mars Dust Globe.

4. West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

Do you know a dad who always talks about how he wants to brew his own beer one day? I think we all do. Give him the gift he'll "hop" around for — a West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit.

5. Taco Toasters

For the dad who loves to make tacos but always complains about them toppling over, these Taco Toasters are the solution to messy taco Tuesdays.

6. Gardener's Tool Seat

For the dad who loves to garden but doesn't love what it does to his knees, get him this Gardener's Tool Seat! It brilliantly combines a garden stool with a tool bag all in one.

7. Chili Peppers of the World Dish Towel

This one is for the dads who just can't seem to get enough of spicy foods. Feed into their obsession with a Chili Peppers of the World dish towel!

8. Football Greatest Plays Coasters

For the dad who can't get enough of football, these Football Greatest Plays Coasters are ideal. They are all different depending on which state you choose! Your dad will adore this personalized gift.

9. Baseball Stadium Blueprints

If your dad loves nothing more than the sound of a bat cracking the ball and the crowd cheering as a home run heads over the wall, he'll be delighted with his favorite baseball team's Stadium Blueprint.

10. The Whisker Dam Mustache Drink Guard

Is your dad or another man in your life rocking some awesome pandemic facial hair? The Whisker Dam mustache drink guard can be placed on a glass to keep their 'stache clean and dry. You'll get a good laugh and help them stay handsome and tidy!

11. Vermont Maple Syrup Sampler

For the dad who says he doesn't want anything, get him this yummy Vermont Maple Syrup Sampler — then cook him up a batch of pancakes to go with it.

12. Solitary Bee Hive

Bees need nice homes, too! Give a dad the ability to get closer to nature with a Solitary Bee Hive that invites lone pollinators to come in a make a nice little home!

13. Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

If you're shopping for a dad who loves his garlic, this Cast Iron Garlic Roaster is a great gift option.

14. The Clean Shave Kit

This Clean Shave Kit is a great gift for sensitive guys who tend to get razor burn or nick their face when shaving.

15. Emergency Dad Jokes Mug

This mug was made for the dad who's known for his almost unbearable dad jokes.

16. Beer Foaming Stones

These stones give beer a bubble boost, making bottled and canned brews taste fresh out of the tap.

17. Egg on a Bagel Maker

For the dad who never misses his morning bagel sandwich, this egg maker is the perfect gift!

18. Campfire Roasted Coffee

For the dad that loves to camp – and needs a little variety in his morning coffee choice – this campfire roasted coffee is sure to get him excited.


Keep a dad on his toes and surprise him with one of these amazingly unique gifts this year!

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Morgan Keegan is a Graphic Design Specialist and Content Creator for CollegiateParent. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating with a degree in Creative Writing, Journalism, and Communications. She grew up in Bronx, NY and enjoys painting, hanging out with her two cats, and taking care of her many plants.
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