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Socially Distanced Activities to Keep Your Teen Fit and Healthy

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When colleges and universities kicked off this unconventional fall semester, many students were faced with attending classes in a remote environment, either from their dorms and apartments, or from their family home.

The feeling of isolation can be stressful, as well as boring. But while time at the screen is important, what's equally important is to find a way in your daily routine to be active.

If your student is stuck at home, there are several ways for them to keep physically active.

Online Yoga

Not only good for your physical health, yoga can also improve your general emotional wellness by relieving stress and helping you sleep better.

It's good for balance and may relieve the low-back and neck pain that can result from an increase in screen time. Yoga can have therapeutic value in combating depressive symptoms and anxiety, too.

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend a bunch of cash or even leave home to practice a quality yoga routine. There are plenty of videos available online, with popular YouTube channels providing ample guidance.

Tee it Up

While juggling online classes and studying, playing a round of golf or even just grabbing your putter and working on your stroke in the basement can be a welcome distraction from academic and pandemic stress. Most golf courses offer discounted rates for students and junior golfers, so keeping the golf clubs in the trunk and at the ready is a good idea.

Take a Walk

It’s widely known that taking a walk every day can help you maintain a healthy weight, and can also be beneficial to your mood. At least 30 minutes a day of physical activity is best, and most schedules should allow for some time to get up from your desk and outdoors.

If there isn’t enough time to schedule a longer walk, try several short walks just around the block. Or if you have access to a treadmill, op on and get some work in.

Basic Exercises

Another option for keeping fit, even without access to a gym or expensive equipment, are those basic exercises that most students learned in high school PE class. Planks, wall sits, push-ups and sit-ups can all help to keep from falling into a habit of not keeping fit. Especially in this time of limited access to activities, simple exercises can do the trick.

Bust a Move

What better way to get a teenager moving than to turn on the tunes. Staying active through dance is perfect when you're stuck inside. Dance can burn as many calories as activities like swimming, bike riding or walking. As with any of those modes of exercise, how many calories are burned depends upon the intensity and length of time they’re dancing. 

Develop a Circuit Workout

For students who are more serious about getting or staying active, a planned circuit workout can be developed using recommendations from the American Heart Association. Workouts at home can include jumping jacks, high knees, lunges and push-ups that can be modified for each individual’s capabilities and goals.

Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer, mentor, coach and writer. He owns a golf publication,, where he shares tips and tricks about golf.



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