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Spring Break in a Box

Ianni Le

Spring break has become a pre-pandemic dream for college students across the nation, as colleges and universities scramble to prevent students from leaving their schools in order to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 infiltrating campuses again.

Many schools have opted to instead offer “well-being days” mid-week to further discourage travel, hoping these days off will still provide much-needed vacation time for students to de-stress.

But for many students, this is not the first spring break to be cancelled because of the pandemic, and two years of ruined plans later, they're understandably restless.

Brighten your student's March with these Spring Break in a Box care package ideas!

Cook a Special Meal

One of my favorite parts of traveling and vacation is the food (who isn’t excited by the idea of great food?). Don’t let your student miss out on a good meal! You can find some ready-made meal kits for them, or you can use Instacart to send all the groceries they’ll need to create a fun new recipe — whether it's from a country they'd like to visit someday, or a personal family favorite.

Indoor S'mores Fire Pit

What better way to end a good dinner than with s'mores? This indoor fire pit has everything your student will need to safely toast marshmallows indoors, whether it be for s'mores, an ice cream sundae, or hot chocolate!

Embrace the Joy of Missing Out

With all the missed opportunities this year, it could be a good time for your student to do a little self-reflection. We’re all guilty of getting hung up on the idea of what could have been, but there are still a lot of things to be grateful for.

This guided journal is full of fun prompts to encourage your student to find the silver lining and focus on what’s most important to them.

At-Home Karaoke

This karaoke microphone speaker is portable and easy to use, connecting to any karaoke app you prefer, making any room a stage. Your student and their roommates will be able to have karaoke nights in the comfort of their own home — and they’ll never have to worry about stage fright singing in front of strangers again!

Movie Night Popcorn Seasoning Set

There's nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned movie night, and if your student is looking to mix up their movie snacks, these popcorn seasonings are a fun and easy way to spice things up!

The Escape Game

These completely virtual escape rooms are a fun and easy way for families or friends to mix up virtual socializing. Your game host will act as your eyes, ears, hands and feet as your team navigates through the escape room from the comfort of your homes.

This could make a great gift for your student and their friends, or as a long-distance family activity! Either way, simply agree on a date and time, get your list of participants together and the Escape Game team will take care of the rest.

Gift Them an Online Class

There are lots of online classes available if your student is looking to try something new! Some even provide the materials needed for class via mail or at local pickup points.

If your student wants a more in-person feel, encourage them to look for live-streamed classes so they can connect in real-time with the instructor and their classmates. Things like virtual paint parties or virtual cooking classes can be a great way for your student to make new friends.

Most importantly, make sure your student is staying ahead of their stress and taking care of their mental health right now. Encourage them to practice healthy coping mechanisms and remind them not to push themselves too hard, as academic burnout is especially prevalent now.

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Ianni Le is a freelance writer and content creator. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating with a degree in Media Design and English Literature. Ianni grew up in Shanghai, China and enjoys her dogs, books and food equally.

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