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COVID-Friendly Valentine's Day Ideas

Ianni Le

As Valentine’s Day approaches and we settle into the cold weather, we’re also experiencing a lot of changes in COVID regulations.

By now we all know that having regular air flow helps minimize the risk for coronavirus when we socialize — but staying outdoors or even keeping windows open becomes difficult when the snow flies or a polar vortex whirls.

If you live in a part of the country where indoor seating isn't an option so are left braving the weather if you want to meet up with friends or support local businesses, here are some great Valentine's Day gift ideas to help everyone stay warm while staying connected.

Gear Up against the Cold for Outdoor Activities!

Long gone are the days of disposable heat packs — everything’s reusable now! Whether you prefer an electric rechargeable hand warmer or a reusable heat pack, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Hot to Go Heat Pack

These Hot to Go heat packs are perfect as hand warmers and you can even use it as a heat pack for swollen knees, sore backs, you name it. Simply press the metal washer inside to activate heating and boil them in water to reuse them.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

If you want something that will last longer, this rechargeable hand warmer is perfect for long stretches outdoors. One charge lasts several hours — it can also be used as a portable phone charger!

Wearable Electric Blanket

If you’ve been socializing in backyards or on balconies lately, take advantage of this wearable heated blanket. It has a hood to keep your head warm and buttons to help it stay on no matter what you’re doing. Connect it to a portable charger to take it on the go!

Rechargeable Heated Socks

Warm hands are key but so are warm toes. These rechargeable heated socks are perfect for trekking through snow or sitting outside.

Check out this list of cold weather COVID-friendly activities and find something fun to do with your loved ones this month! Here are additional ideas.

At-Home Activities for You and Your Pandemic Pod

Virtual Game Night

Have Zoom calls gotten a bit boring? People have been loving this virtual game night app, Let’s Roam. It has a built-in video call interface and a variety of games to choose from.

Let's Roam prides itself on constantly adding new games to make sure your game nights are always new. They also offer a week-long free trial so you and your friends can see if you like it before you commit to anything.

Don’t feel like paying money to play? You and your friends can still mix up your Zoom calls with old-fashioned, low-tech games like Charades and Pictionary. Here's a list of video games you can play online with friends near or far, and also a list of the best board games to play with your pandemic pod!

Movie Nights

Many streaming platforms have recently added co-watching features, making it easy for friends and family to watch movies or shows together remotely. Disney+, Hulu and Amazon Prime currently all offer these services.

Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party), a Google Chrome extension, lets you stream Netflix and HBO simultaneously across several screens with a built-in chat feature, though most users will also turn on Zoom or FaceTime to video call at the same time. Check out these 20 movie and TV show recommendations for your next move night!

As always, stay safe and make sure to check your local regulations as well as the Center for Disease Control (CDC)'s recommendations for socializing during the pandemic >

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Ianni Le is a freelance writer and content creator. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder, graduating with a degree in Media Design and English Literature. Ianni grew up in Shanghai, China and enjoys her dogs, books and food equally.

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