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5 Fun Graduation Party Games and Decor Ideas


Another year has passed, and another graduation is upon us!

Celebrate your special graduate with these fabulous decorations and fun party games.

Balloons and Streamers Party Pack

Make decorating easy with this Balloons and Streamers Party Pack. It comes in multiple colors to fit any grad perfectly. Cue the photos!

Scratch-Off Graduation Party Game

If you're looking for a quick and fun party game, you've found it with this Scratch-Off Graduation Party Game! The prizes can be big, small, handmade, or store bought. The possibilities are endless!

Who Knows the Graduate Best?

Having a small party of close family and friends? This game of "Who Knows the Graduate Best?" is sure to spark laughs and great conversation.

Polaroid Guestbook DIY

Revamp the idea of a guestbook and make it a fun activity that no one will want to miss! Try out this DIY Polaroid Guestbook — because who can resist snapping a cute Polaroid? This camera kit comes with everything you’ll need. If you want backup film just in case, we recommend this 50 pack.

School Photos Throughout the Years

There are so many fun ways to do this project to tailor it to your grad! You can also do a hanging banner, or make a game out of it and have people guess which photo matches each year! Looking for supplies? Check out these: mini clothespins, metallic paint pens, sticky tack.

And there you have it! Have fun, and don't forget to celebrate safely!

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