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Fall 2018 College Parent Magazine

Get the Guide:
Fall 2018 College Parent Magazine

Conquer the fall semester with CollegiateParent

Whether it’s making a budget, managing midterms or finding a campus job, we have practical advice you can share with your student.

There are also lots of tips to help you navigate this new, rewarding phase of your relationship with your son or daughter.

Our College Parent magazine has a ton of great articles, such as:
  • A letter to the first time college parent
  • A letter to a college freshman
  • College roommates: How to make it work
  • Who do you call? Campus resources
  • The academic adjustment from high school to college
  • Help your student graduate in four years
  • Credit 101: What your student needs to know now
  • Foundations of health and wellness
  • Six ways to help your student fight off the lonely feeling
  • And more!

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