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Welcome from the Parent & Family Programs Office


At Embry-Riddle, we understand and appreciate the vital role that parents play in the lives of our students.

Whether you are the family of a new traditional student, returning student, veteran, or transfer student, our faculty and staff are here to assist and support you and your student’s goals.

We work diligently to provide the support you seek to assist your student in completing their academic degree, and developing professionally and socially. This process takes a team effort from the staff, faculty, students, and you.

The guide linked above introduces you to campus student organizations and services that are available to you and your student. We’ve provided information about the offices that can best answer your questions and support your needs. It is each student’s responsibility to know their rights and responsibilities as members of the Embry-Riddle Prescott community, as well as the basic Standards of Conduct. Students are encouraged to review these documents online at These guidelines are in place to provide a safe and supportive campus for all of our students to pursue their educational goals. In addition, our Student Handbook is available online for all students and includes information regarding student rights and responsibilities.

We are confident that the programs and educational opportunities in which your student participates during this academic year will provide valuable experiences. We also hope these lifelong learning experiences will encourage them to continue their involvement well into their professional lives as alumni of Embry-Riddle. Please encourage your student to take advantage of the many student organizations and professional opportunities available on campus. These co-curricular opportunities, including professional, academic, community service, and recreational activities, will enhance your student’s college experience. Through association with students of similar interests, lifelong friendships are developed and relationships that support future employment opportunities are forged. Encourage your student to not underestimate the power of networking opportunities with other students — who will soon be colleagues in their professional careers. These activities will aid in their personal, physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and career growth. Through campus involvement, students are more apt to stay in school — retention is higher for involved students — and improve their chances of finding an exciting position they seek in industry.

Finally, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) dictates that the University consider students as adults and, as such, all educational records relating to their progress (academic, social, and financial) cannot be shared without their approval. Instructions on how your student can approve access for you to review any confidential information and allow University staff and faculty to discuss specific concerns is contained within this guide. (This information is also shared with your student during Orientation.)

On behalf of all of us at Embry-Riddle Prescott, welcome! We look forward to being involved in this wonderful new chapter in your student’s life!

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