2018-19 Study Abroad Opportunities at SCSU

2018-19 Study Abroad Opportunities at SCSU

Presenting our 2018-19 Faculty-Directed Courses Abroad!

The continued expansion of Southern’s Faculty-Directed Courses Abroad is part of a University-wide initiative to bring global perspectives into the classroom and to increase opportunities for students to participate in study and internship programs abroad. It also prepares students for success in an increasingly global workplace. Programs are offered throughout the academic year: Wintersession, Spring Break, Summer, and courses that include a travel component during the semester.

Below is a list of our 2018 Faculty-Directed Courses Abroad Program. Please encourage your student to consider participating in one of these programs, and if there are any questions, contact us at www.southernct.edu/oie or (203) 392-6975.

Summer 2018

England Program (May 22 to June 12): Field School in Archaeology in conjunction with the Poulton Field School, with visits to the Liverpool John Moores University and the city of Chester. Contact Prof. Kathleen Skoczen, SkoczenK1@southernct.edu.

Rome Program (May 26 to June 18): Field studies in English Literature. Contact Prof. Leon Weinmann, WeinmannL1@southernct.edu.

Iceland Program (May 29 to June 16): Environmental Economic Geography, and Field Techniques. Contact Prof. Patrick Heidkamp, Heidkampc1@southernct.edu.

Paris Program (May 31 to June 30): Options to study Art and French culture and language. Contact Prof. Camille Serchuk (SerchukC1@southernct.edu) or Prof. Luke Eilderts (EildertsL1@southernct.edu).

Belize Program (June 1 to June 10): Field Natural History in Belize. Contact Prof. Miranda Dunbar, dunbarm1@southernct.edu.

Tuscany Program (June 24 to July 26): Options to study Italian and Photography. Contact Prof. Pina Palma (PalmaG1@southernct.edu)  or Prof. Jeremy Chandler (ChandlerJ6@southernct.edu).

Spain Program (June 29 to July 31): Undergraduate and graduate courses in Spanish Language and Culture. Contact Prof. Carlos Arboleda, ArboledaC1@southernct.edu.

Guatemala Program (July 28 to August 12): Undergraduate or graduate course options in international field studies in health. Contact Prof. William Faraclas, Faraclasw1@southernct.edu.

Guatemala II Program (July 28 to August 12): Undergraduate or graduate courses in global studies in Special Education. Contact Prof. Kara Faraclas, Faraclask1@southernct.edu.

Fall Semester 2018

Peru Program (November 1 to November 10): Non-credit field study embedded in Fall semester Nursing courses. Contact Prof. Maria Krol (KrolM2@southernct.edu) or Prof. Cheryl Resha (ReshaC1@southernct.edu).

Winter Session 2019

South Africa Program (December 27 to January 14, 2019): Field studies in Environmental Justice. Contact Prof. C. Patrick Heidkamp, HeidkampC1@southernct.edu.


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