Housing Updates

Housing Updates

Housing Applications for 2019/2020

Reminder! Current residents making application on August 24th will be among the first students to begin self-assignment on a first come, first served basis in October 2018. Students not currently living on campus also make applications on August 24th, but will begin self-assignment in March 2019. Please take the time to take advantage of this opportunity for prime assignment locations and preferred roommate selection. Also, please note that the required prepayment increased from $300 to $350 for Fall 2019–Spring 2020.

Housing and Residential Life will begin welcoming students for Fall 2018 Check-in on Friday, August 24th, beginning at 9 a.m. Check-in will continue throughout the weekend until 6  p.m. on Sunday, August 26th. Please be advised that MT Blvd. is currently under construction. Please expect delays and use caution. For more information, please visit the Parking Services website. We urge students to label their boxes and tubs [tops and sides] very clearly with their names to ensure that they arrive at the correct location. Also, remember to keep hydrated and wear comfortable clothing and shoes on the day you come to check-in. Take advantage of lines by getting to know your fellow building mates as you wait patiently to get checked into your building. Remember you are making friendships that will last a lifetime. Housing and Residential Life will host a variety of activities as the semester begins. We encourage your student to become involved, make a friend, and start enjoying the benefits of living on campus. We encourage parents and students to watch a short video at the Housing website — click on “Video” — to become familiar with what to expect during the check-in process. We look forward to a fun check-in and a successful Fall semester!


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  • This is a wonderful article which I have copied and sent to my daughter. she feels calmer if she is prepared ahead of time and knows what to expect. these suggestions are just thing to give her.

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