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9 TED Talks Every College Grad Needs to Hear on Life, Money and Career Success

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Your student worked hard for years to earn their college degree, with you cheering them on every step of the way. The pride of graduation is always accompanied by some (lots of?) stress as life after college commences. For 2020 grads who completed their college journey during the COVID-19 pandemic, this is more the case than ever.

Some new graduates are already a few months into a new career. Many others are still trying to figure out what comes next. Either way, there are lessons they need to learn. College (and your parents!) can't teach you everything!

Money is one of the areas where many newly independent young adults could use some pointers. How to budget correctly, or the best ways to invest are just a few examples. 

Here's an easy way to help your recent grad get a jumpstart on life after college. Mint created an infographic with nine of the best TED Talks life takeaways. From learning how to break bad habits and create healthy new ones to overcoming financial fears so you can manage your money with confidence, these brief brilliant talks will open doors to personal growth.

9 TED Talks Every College Grad Needs to Hear on Life, Money, and Career Success


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