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Help prepare your college senior for post-graduation responsibilities
Career coaching for your college student
Final countdown to college graduation
Managing student loans

Academic Success and Career

How parents can help with the job search

At a recent parenting seminar, the co-founder of a major investment firm relayed a story about an…

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Working with professors

Your student’s college professor is more than just an educator. The professor can be a valuable asset…

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Money Matters

A money talk with your new graduate

Money can be a tricky topic to raise with a newly-minted college graduate but there are few…

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Advice on saving for new college graduates

Welcome to the first installment in our three-part series of financial advice excerpted from Coin: The Irreverent Yet…

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Parenting Perspectives

The Games Your Kids Are Playing

I was curious what the hottest games these days are among teens and college students, so I asked…

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Love you, Mom

We reached out to college students we know asking for appreciations of their moms and surrogate moms and could…

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Campus Resources and Events

Emergencies on campus

Updated February, 2018 Part of our college students’ everyday lives is learning how to prepare for and…

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College Graduation Gift Guide

College commencement is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Naturally you want to show your love, pride and support with…

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The Student Experience

Help prepare your college senior for post-graduation responsibilities

I remember well what it was like to be expecting my first child. All the anticipation and…

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When to visit the campus health center

The health center is right on campus, convenient, and staffed with professionals who will know when a…

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