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  • “I don’t feel well…”
    At 9:11 pm
    “I don’t feel well…”

    The text arrived early in my daughter’s sophomore year: “Might be sick. Tired all the time.” Nothing specific, but she wasn’t feeling well. In high school, she could stay home, curled up on the sofa, and I’d bring her soup and tea. I hated thinking of her stuck in a dorm room feeling awful or

  • Housing decisions for next year
    At 5:30 am
    Housing decisions for next year

    When my son told his dad and me it would “definitely be cheaper” to move off campus sophomore year, we took his word for it, as well as his assurance that he could easily find someone to sublet his part of the 12-month lease for the summer. Neither turned out to be the case! Most

  • Have “The Talk” about drugs and alcohol with your student
    At 10:42 pm
    Have “The Talk” about drugs and alcohol with your student

    It’s October, and college kids are deep into their first semester. They are settled into their residence halls, have figured out their meal plans and are finishing up their first round of mid-terms. Many students have participated in fall rush (Greek life) festivities and are now a pledge of a fraternity or sorority chapter. Students may


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