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  • The transition to off-campus life
    At 11:04 pm
    The transition to off-campus life

    When my daughter moved off campus it was certainly an eye-opening experience. She was not prepared for the roommate disagreements, dealing with a landlord, getting along with neighbors who weren’t students, and handling broken lease agreements. She also wasn’t prepared for the temptations that came with her added freedom. Is your college student living off

  • Freshman year of life
    At 7:41 pm
    Freshman year of life

    I recently had the opportunity to spend time with my oldest son’s girlfriend and a group of her friends. (They had just returned from a camp reunion and were bringing back a car they’d borrowed for their weekend adventure.) We began talking about the difficulties transitioning from school to the real world can present; they

  • The first, best care package for your college student
    At 9:14 pm
    The first, best care package for your college student

    Maybe it’s not technically the first. (That was the one you shipped 24 hours after move-in when your student texted a list of things they left at home.) This is the box they aren’t expecting, although they’re hoping for it every time they check their still-new campus mailbox. It’s the one they’ll rush back to


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