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  • Talking about “13 Reasons Why”
    At 7:05 pm
    Talking about “13 Reasons Why”

    Has your high school or college student watched “13 Reasons Why,” a new series recently released on Netflix based on the novel Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, or are you hearing/reading a lot about the series on social media? The series is getting a lot of buzz and also creating concern. It’s about events

  • Why college orientation matters
    At 11:07 pm
    Why college orientation matters

    The transition to college can be disorienting. Students move from the familiar routine of high school and home into a new and unfamiliar world. It’s a big change for their families, too. Fortunately, most colleges and universities recognize this dis-oriented state and support new students and families by offering orientation sessions before the official start of

  • Preserving college memories
    At 2:56 pm
    Preserving college memories

    Your student’s college years have been filled with unforgettable experiences and friendships. Share these four fun ways to preserve cherished memories from their time on campus, courtesy of Church Hill Classics. Having a place for all their favorite photos, ticket stubs and event programs means they can stroll down memory lane whenever the mood strikes. Create a collage in a



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