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  • Home for the holidays
    At 9:37 pm
    Home for the holidays

    With your college freshman’s winter break approaching, it’s likely you have a dreamy image in your head about how wonderful it will be to have them home again for an extended period of time. Although they may have been back for a few days over Thanksgiving, this time they will be home for three to six weeks, the length

  • Emergencies on campus
    At 8:22 pm
    Emergencies on campus

    Part of our college students’ everyday lives is learning how to prepare for and react in case of an emergency on campus. Campus emergencies may be weather-related (hurricane, tornado, earthquake, winter storm) or involve serious accidents (fire) or an active shooter or other kind of attack. Colleges and universities devise emergency plans for all of these scenarios

  • Parties, sex and substances
    At 11:13 pm
    Parties, sex and substances

    Got your attention, didn’t I?! My goal is not to cause panic, but to share information I hope will help you have honest, empowering conversations with your students. Because the fact is, college kids will encounter substance use, partying and sexual activity. By continuing the kinds of “talks” we had while they were growing up



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