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  • Freshman year of life
    At 7:41 pm
    Freshman year of life

    I recently had the opportunity to spend time with my oldest son’s girlfriend and a group of her friends. (They had just returned from a camp reunion and were bringing back a car they’d borrowed for their weekend adventure.) We began talking about the difficulties transitioning from school to the real world can present; they

  • The first, best care package for your college student
    At 9:14 pm
    The first, best care package for your college student

    Maybe it’s not technically the first. (That was the one you shipped 24 hours after move-in when your student texted a list of things they left at home.) This is the box they aren’t expecting, although they’re hoping for it every time they check their still-new campus mailbox. It’s the one they’ll rush back to

  • The DACA Decision — Support for Parents and Families
    At 3:45 pm
    The DACA Decision — Support for Parents and Families

    On September 5, President Trump announced the decision to rescind and phase out DACA — the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program instituted under the previous administration — in six months (effective March 5, 2018). This decision raises large concerns for undocumented students around the nation who are now unsure if they will be able


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