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  • Your legacy
    At 9:32 pm
    Your legacy

    You may not realize that you’ve been grooming your child from an early age to go to the college you attended. Remember that harmless onesie you bought with the school logo blazoned on the front? The cute tiny sweatshirt that read, “class of 20–” with a date 20+ years in the future? Then there’s the

  • Interviewing with a disability
    At 8:16 pm
    Interviewing with a disability

    Some years back, while interviewing upcoming college grads for a consulting position, I met Rico.* On paper, Rico had many of the skills and experiences I was searching for: the right degree, a good GPA, knowledge of specific software and real-world work experience. I was excited to speak with him. With my first question, however,

  • In praise of community colleges
    At 8:01 pm
    In praise of community colleges

    With Lisa Matye Edwards, Ph.D. In a recent Denver Post column (Sept. 22, 2016), Dr. Everette Freeman, president of the Community College of Denver, described community colleges as “America’s best-kept secret.” Many of us have understood community colleges to be “less than” four-year institutions. But they’re not; they’ve grown. Today’s community colleges offer ready-to-work technical degrees,



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  1. I had several friends who got most of their general education courses out of the way through community college. They were then able to graduate from their 4-year school in 2-3 years, which ends up being much more cost-efficient!

    Evanne Montoya

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