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  • Career coaching for your college student
    At 9:46 pm
    Career coaching for your college student

    Earlier this spring, I wrote about the process my older daughter (who graduates this weekend!) was going through applying for jobs and considering offers. She’s always been very focused on what she wants to do after college, and so although time consuming and challenging, her job search was relatively straightforward. What if your student is still trying to figure

  • Academic probation in college
    At 3:58 pm
    Academic probation in college

    No one sets out expecting to fail. But we all fail. Sometimes it’s a minor failure — a mere bump in the road — and sometimes it’s a failure of epic proportions, shifting our perspectives and our plans. Many of the world’s most successful people point to their failures as important lessons, the stepping stones

  • Summer to-do list for new college students & families
    At 8:19 pm
    Summer to-do list for new college students & families

    Paperwork for the school Create the student online account needed for advising and course registration and for viewing tuition and financial aid. Register for new student on-campus orientation or complete online orientation. Sign up for parent and family orientation, too, if offered. Take required academic placement tests. Housing, transportation, supplies* Apply for freshman housing if planning



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