Make an appointment at Financial Literacy and Advising

Make an appointment at Financial Literacy and Advising

Southern Connecticut State University’s Office of Financial Literacy and Advising provides financial and planning information for current and prospective students as well as their families and encourages students and families to make an appointment for guidance.

Mr. Lewis DeLuca is the Coordinator of Student Financial Literacy and Advising and works closely with students and parents to raise awareness about college financial issues, student aid programs and scholarships, career paths, interest rates and long-term financial obligations as well as the advantages of the timely completion of a degree. He can create individual, customized plans for students that will keep them on track to completing their degrees without accruing surplus credits and minimizing their college expenses, because sometimes students unknowingly make financial mistakes in their college planning that can cost thousands of dollars. Mr. DeLuca’s goal is to teach students financial knowledge and responsibility by providing them with personalized strategies for their lifetime financial success.

Please encourage your students to stop by Mr. DeLuca’s office or call for an appointment to get started on their path to financial literacy and successful money management. He is eager to help students map out their paths.

Lewis J. DeLuca, Jr., M. Ed.
Coordinator, Student Financial Literacy and Advising

Wintergreen Building, Academic Advising Suite, Room 108E
Southern Connecticut State University
501 Crescent Street, New Haven, CT 06515
Phone: (203)-392-8862, Fax: (203)-392-6541

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  • Great article. It reminded me to ask my high school senior about which of her preferred colleges have reached out about a regional event. We attended an event like this with our older daughter who was attending school far from home and it was very valuable.