Tips for OU parents as we head into the holiday season

Tips for OU parents as we head into the holiday season

Only a couple weeks left of school — check out these tips to help your students be the most successful during finals!
  • Encourage your student to eat a balanced diet, exercise, get a reasonable amount of sleep and avoid too much caffeine. Even though the winter weather is not conducive to exercising, encourage your student to get plenty of physical activity, which will increase endorphins and keep your student energized.
  • Offer your support by calling, sending emails or writing letters but avoid putting another demand on your student’s time unless absolutely necessary. Consider sending a care package with your student’s favorite snacks or goodies.
  • Remind your student to check his or her grades before leaving campus for the holidays so that questions can be addressed with professors or an academic advisor in person before they leave.


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  • Great article. It reminded me to ask my high school senior about which of her preferred colleges have reached out about a regional event. We attended an event like this with our older daughter who was attending school far from home and it was very valuable.